The repotting stage is an essential operation for the good development of your plant.
When you adopt a new plant, in most cases it is necessary to repot it, because often the plant has grown rapidly, its growing pot becomes too narrow and the soil is no longer suitable.

In order for this newcomer to develop in good conditions, it is therefore preferable to offer it a new pot and the substrate adapted to its development.

(Please refer to the WTF care sheet in order to choose the right substrate for your plant).

How to repot a plant?

  • Carefully remove the plant from its plastic pot by pressing your hand lightly on the pot and holding the plant without shaking it with your other hand. By gently pulling, the root ball is easily released.
  • Break the root ball to remove some of the potting soil and to loosen the bun formed by the roots, so that they can spread slowly in the pot.
  • Then put a small handful of clay balls in the bottom of your pot for the draining side. This will prevent water from stagnating (if the drainage hole allows the clay balls to escape, slide a small piece of broken clay pot into the bottom of the pot).
  •  Cover the clay balls with a small layer of potting soil and place the plant in the centre.
  •  Then add substrate all around and pack it lightly so that the plant is well centred and fixed.
  • Finally, a little watering is given and all that remains is to find the right place for this attractive, freshly repotted plant.